Query Management System

Query Management System

Reiselabs provides a web-based query management system that receives all requests or queries online to the clients’ websites from the customers’ ends and offers solutions to the requests using related information.

Why Choose Us for Database Management

We help travel businesses to assemble, manage, and sort customers’ inquiries to enhance their customer services. We create an effective query management system for businesses that receive a large volume of queries from their websites, tele calling, walk-ins, etc. Our QMS solutions can also be used by businesses having diverse products handled by many employees.

Our query management system captures all the stages of communication from query to conversion in the online database. The QMS ensures that users are sent notification emails for the receipt of their query. This query management software gathers all inquiries as well as responses in the database.

Reiselabs provides powerful query management system capabilities at each stage of the sales process. We help travel companies by providing a fully integrated query management solutions to manage, collect, and analyze customers’ feedbacks and complaints about improved customer service delivery. Queries submitted by customers are listed under the back office system under the query module for any authorized user can assign the received queries to members of staff to follow up.

At Reiselabs, we create a responsive query management system designed with HTML and CSS. All queries received are accessible from the backend from where their current status can be known. Manual bookings can also be created for queries received. Make your travel business customer friendly by integrating an efficient query management system that ensures a functional feedback system. Reiselabs creates a QMS system that enables travel companies to manage, answer, archive, search, and re-use customers’ queries and supplied answers.