Inventory Management System

Inventory Management System

An effective inventory management system helps travel companies to accomplish their operations inventory and send their content to a larger targeted market. Reiselabs bridges the gap between travel companies’ content and their customers.

Online distribution of content is complex with the demand for high-quality content for fast uploading and publishing. Every travel company encounters this challenge. Reiselabs helps travel agencies to have their business on the internet and available wherever they choose to sell.

We help travel companies to submit agreed contracts and rates for transfers, hotels tours, and tasks in an orderly way with an efficient inventory management. Your inventory will be readily available to your clients, partners, and wholesalers. Using Reiselabs inventory management systems:

Benefits of Inventory Management System

  1. You can make contracted inventory available through travel booking engine, booking tools or XML API easily and efficiently.
  2. Search for other travel operators, agencies, and wholesalers in other markets and share inventory with one another to create offers to existing and potential customers.
  3. Give more attention to sales using an inventory management system through which contracts and sales are recorded in pdf and excel pdf formats. Onboarding and contract updating become faster, reliable, and sustainable.
  4. Review and edit contracted inventories, activities, and rates effortlessly and fast.
  5. Design and update offers as well as discounts for online booking to online booking engine without difficulty.

Reiselabs creates an API support that integrates your inventory with online booking platform for inventory onboarding, rate publishing, reservation, and cancellations.