GDS Integration

GDS Integration

Global Distribution System, also called GDS, is the major universal network run by a company to facilitate automated transactions between travel service providers (comprising hotels, airlines, and car rental companies) and travel companies. GDS is now utilized as a single access point by online reservation websites and travel companies to book airline seats, reserve hotel rooms, book rental cars, cruises, and insurance.

Why Choose Us for GDS Integration

GDS integration gives your travel company access to a large number of sales platforms online and travel products, and help you to improve your online marketing strategy. The world’s leading GDS providers include Amadeus, Sabre, and Galileo among others.

Contact Reiselabs for GDS integration to have full control over live inventory, easy connection, access to real-time pricing and automatic content update, and several means of distribution and operation. We can help you integrate GDS on your website using API to make airline, hotel, and car rental booking operational for your customers.

GDS integration enables an automatic update of inventory data such as availability and pricing. Either B2B or B2C GDS integration travel companies can track all bookings, bookings’ statuses, view reports, and invoices, and customers can make bookings via the website or mobile application and receive confirmation through SMS or email.

Based on your travel business needs, Reiselabs offers integration of multiple GDSs to cater to the ever-changing demands and trends in the online travel market. GDS integration enables you to receive booking any time and also helps you to increase your distribution network and market reach.