Api Integration

XML API Integration

Reiselabs offers XML API Integration to travel companies to enable them to have access to the inventories of other third-party travel XML API services. Create an extensive list of choices for your customers with diverse XML APIs comprising flight booking, hotel booking, car booking, and insurance with access to GDS and third-party content with Reiselabs’ XML API Integration.

XML API Integration allows you to cross-sell with full content, negotiated fees, mark-ups, services fees, packaging features, air fare promotions, to increase your revenues. Reiselabs’ XML API is easy to integrate to your existing system, and it offers reliability and scalability to complement your running business strategy. We have a wide range of local and global bookable products needed by your customers. The list comprises the best XML API suppliers such as hotels, tours, cars, cruises, and destination content to enhance the growth of your business.

We have a standardized process for integrating different suppliers’ APIs with a standard unified interface. Our system is so responsive that it easily handles technology changes and migrations on the suppliers’ system.

Benefits of XML API Integration

  1. It offers a high return on investment
  2. It increases the chances of retaining customers.
  3. It increases revenues and margins with Third Party XML API Integrations.

Reiselabs’ XML API Integration offers convenience with a unified interface where all third-party suppliers inventory can be managed without having to log into multiple systems and shuffling through different screens to access live fares. There is a reduction in the workflow and enables concentration on selling more.

Our expertise in XML API integration covers all types of XML integration from a large number of XML providers. Empower your travel business by aggregating all third-party content on your website for efficient booking for your customers’ convenience and your business’ probability and growth using our ground-breaking travel technology solutions