Affiliate Details

Reiselab’s Affiliate

Affiliating with the key players in the travel industry, Reiselabs sets to provide travel sellers with the platform, content, and access to the cutting-edge technology that enable them to provide the best services to the travelers with seamless integrations that enhance performance.

Reiselabs collaborates with several companies and suppliers to provide customers with access to a large number of travel products such as flights, cruise, taxi, hotels, and other ancillary services. We keep our portfolio regularly updated in response to the changes and upgrades in the leading travel technology available in the market. Also, if we receive suggestions from customers about suppliers that can improve our entire customers’ experience, we can integrate it as soon as possible after due consideration.

We are also open to suggestions from suppliers who intend to discuss integration with us as we endeavor to provide our clients with a wide variety of options and quality. However, as we strive to achieve the best experience for our clients, we do not get involved in the relationship that exists between customers and suppliers. We, however, allow you to negotiate the commercial agreements and when you have agreed to all terms and conditions, and you have signed a contract, we shall integrate the supplier for you.

Reiselabs and Amadeus have partnered to provide travel sellers with the technology that makes searching, pricing, booking, and ticketing seamless. Also, managing reservations, check-ins, and departure processes become hassle-free. This collaboration aims to improve the travel experience for millions of travelers every year.

Sabre and Reiselabs also join forces through an innovative and cutting-edge technology to assist millions of people across the globe to plan their itinerary, book, and arrive at their destinations at their preferred time and price effortlessly. This is possible with the state-of-the-art platform that is easy-to-use, functional, and friendly, and capable of handling billions of processes per minutes.

Affiliating with Travelport, Reiselabs intends to create the perfect personalized service for travel sellers to enhance the satisfaction of the customers. The rich content covering flights and their fares provided by Travelport will ensure an improved experience for travelers.

Reiselabs and Lufthansa have affiliated to provide qualitative content about flights, destinations, and pricing. Providing travelers with the most affordable flight pricing is one way to enable travel sellers to offer quality and up-to-date information to their customers.

To further enhance the travel experience and businesses of travel sellers, we affiliate with Emirates to access an extensive inventory of data for flight booking, payment, and managing reservation. At Reiselabs, our clients’ satisfaction and seamless performance are our priority. If you want to affiliate with us or want a supplier to be integrated into your platform, contact us; we shall ensure that you have the best experience.